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This is Eros, the god of love and sex. Eros is one of the Erotes, a group of winged-love gods.

Eros is most well-known by his Roman counterpart, Cupid. 


In his myth, Eros fell in love with the mortal princess Psyche, a woman whom Aphrodite had become jealous of. Psyche was known for her beauty and was "worshiped" by men, leaving Aphrodite's alters barren.

Aphrodite sent Eros to force Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest creature on earth, but instead Eros fell in love and spirited Psyche away to his home, commanding her to never gaze upon his face or know his name.

Psyche's jealous sisters came and tricked Psyche into betraying Eros, convincing her that Eros was a hideous creature and to take a knife into his bedchamber and kill him. Psyche took and oil lamp and a knife and came into his room. A small drop of oil fell onto Eros, waking him.

Betrayed, Eros went to his mother Aphrodite. Finding Psyche depressed and miserable, Aphrodite made her face 4 trials, the last one killing her. Eros had forgiven Psyche and saved her, turning her into a goddess.


Abode: Olympus

Parents: Ares & Aphrodite OR Chaos

Siblings: Harmonia, Phobos, Deimos, Anteros (and more)

Consort: Psyche

Children: Hedone

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