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This is Yuki Kuran, the pureblood-vampire princess of the Kuran family. Her memory was erased as a child and most of her adolescence was spent as a human.


Name: Yuki Kuran

Alias: Yuki Cross

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Vampire, Human (formerly)

Vampire Level: Pureblood



Hakura Kuran (father/uncle) - deceased before series

Juri Kuran (mother/aunt) - deceased before series

Kaname (brother/cousin) - deceased before series

Kaname Kuran (adoptive brother/ancestor/ future fiancé)

Rido Kuran (uncle)

Senri Shiki (cousin)


Kaien Cross (Former adoptive father)

Zero Kiryu (former adoptive brother/future husband)


Affiliation: Cross Academy, Kuran Family

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