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This is Nyx, she is the goddess and personification of the night. Not much is known of her, but it is known that her beauty was enchanting and her exceptional power was feared even by Zeus himself.

Her abode is Tartarus.


Symbols: None listed

Parent: Chaos

Consort: Erebus

Siblings: Erebus, Gaia, and Tartarus

Children: Hypnos, Thanatos, Nemesis, the Fates (Moirai), the Hesperides, Eris, Charon, (others)


Origin ID: Missmagoo2



CC List (Everyday Outfit only):

Skin: Remus Sirion - Fantasy (Female)

Skin Effect: Pralinesims - Frost (Slot 2)

Eyes: Pralinesims - 137_NDHC

Eyelashes: Kijiko - Female Version 2

Eyebrow: Pralinesims - Middelo

Eyeliner: Pralinesims - Elven Sparkle

Nose Preset: Northern Sibera Winds: 16 (N10)

Lip Preset: Obscurus - 22 (6f)

Lip Color: Pralinesims - Freya

Hair: Anto - Galactic

Tiara: Dan Sims Fantasy - Elves Cisne

Dress: Sifix - Nyx Gown

Wings: Ela - Angel Wings


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